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Tunneling project in Serra do Marão

Maccaferri Tunnel de Marao

Maccaferri installs Terramesh and ParaLink Paragrid solution package on Marão tunnel

The Serra do Marão tunneling project comes to a conlusion in December 2015.

Portugal’s sixth largest mountain, the Serra do Marão (1,415 m) poses a considerable natural barrier between the country’s second city Porto found on the coast, and Vila Real close to the Spanish border. For decades the challenging terrain has obstructed travel between the two cities, as well as entrance to the interlaying territories. Even since the erection of the IP4 highway in the late 1970s the way remains dangerous due to its snaking course.

In order to mitigate the challenges posed by the complicated geological circumstances, the new government decided to fund a project to extend the AW motorway from Vila Real to Amarante—taking a route straight through the center of the mountain. The new path, includes two parallel tunnels running east to west that is designed to speed significantly up travel time between Porto and Vila Real, decrease the number of traffic accidents in the area and make the Douro and Trás-os-Montes regions more compatible to further expansion.

Maccaferri Iberia was sourced to install 1000 m2 of terramesh systems and 15000 m3 of heavily galvanized GalMac and polymer coated steel wire walls. The entire installation extended itself over 26 kilometers.

Terramesh systems lent themselves ideally to the Marao tunneling project as they provided a modular system customized and developed to form rock faces reinforced soil walls. On taller slopes and structures such as the walls found within the constructions on the Serra do Marão mountain, Terramesh can be used in conjunction with other high performance primary geogrids such as ParaLink Paragrid and MacGrid WG. These hybrid approach is particularly suited to tall walls or structures exposed to high surcharges.

The project came to a conclusion in December of 2015.

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