HEA Panels

Our HEA Panels (High Energy Absorption) are the stiffest products within our Mac.RO™ Systems mesh range offering extreme strength at low strain. Stiffness is more important than tensile strength of meshes as it affects the deflection of the system under load.

The panels are woven from a single continuous length of high tensile strength steel wire rope, joined at each crossing point with the patented HEA ‘double knot’ connection. Unlike single twist spiral rope nets, the construction of HEA Panels provides exceptional stress/strain performance with the lowest possible deformation. HEA Panels are used in secured drapery applications where a low deflection and high strength system is required.

Due to the multi-axial performance of the panel, loads are transferred effectively to the anchors on the slope face regardless of the anchor layout. HEA panels made from polymer coated cables are also available for demanding exposure conditions.

The patented knot connection is made by two bindings, each one obtained by looping a pair of steel 3.00 mm wires coated with Galmac, a Zinc-Aluminium (5%) alloy. The two bindings tightly envelop the ropes crossing each other. The panel is made of square meshes manufactured with one rope, secured by a pressed aluminium ferrule, according to EN 13411-3.

Ring Nets

Our Ring Nets have the highest strengths of any mesh in the Mac.RO™ Systems range. With high strain performance, Ring Nets are ideal for situations where there is a high risk of dynamic impacts. The nets are also used to face rock slopes featuring large rock masses prone to failure; Maccaferri Ring Nets can accommodate these high local stresses without sustaining damage.

The technical performance of the ring nets has been optimised to provide a balance of strength, weight and flexibility. The performance of the nets is dependent upon wire strand diameters, bundle configurations and the number of connection points to adjacent rings within the panel.

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