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Maccaferri’s MacDrain solutions hold the key to solving erosion control and slope stabilization problematics tied to Spain’s corroding coastline.


Spain’s eroding coastline benefits from Maccaferri’s line of MacDrain products designed to fight coastal erosion

Maccaferri is a committed advocate of environmental protection through engineering. For decades Maccaferri has made it a corporate goal to offer hydraulic works and erosion protection solutions to mitigate environmental damage.

Spain’s coastline consists about 60% of hard and soft cliffs, which are particularly abundant in the Atlantic area and on the Canary and Balearic Islands. These areas currently face severe erosive processes due to sediment imbalances, rises above sea level and increasing storminess. Erosion of the coastline endangers the communities living in its vicinity. Threats include flash floods and landslides, both of which have potential catastrophic consequences in terms of damages and life losses.

Maccaferri’s erosion protection solutions can be used as an efficient strategy to fight coastal erosion and alleviate the short-term urgency to protect specific stretches of coastline.

Maccaferri has devised a range of MacDrain drainage geocomposites (with Geonet or Geomat cores) products that constitute a fundamental tool in the design of erosion control and slope stabilization systems. The range of MacDrain products includes (1) MacDrain TD, MacDrain C, MacDrain W and MacDrain N.

The Maccaferri Iberia team is ready to install the line of MacDrain  products to successfully mitigate the erosion crisis.

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