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Enjoying the weekend – THE ROMAGNA NIGHTLIFE

You might wish to explore Bologna during your first weekend but other than that, during the summer you really want to spend your time elsewhere.

Of course, before you must have done all the Maccaferri homework…….

I do highly recommend to explore our Adriatic Coast, called also Riviera Romagnola.

The Riviera Romagnola it’s not known for it’s beautiful white beaches and crystalline sea water, if you wish that you go to Maldives or Caribbean.

Instead its known for “aperitivi” and night life. It’s the right place you want to be if you are a party person.

Check this out:


Anyway, if you do not like the night life you can still do plenty of stuff during the day.

  • History and Archeology. From Etruscan, Romans museums to exploring Medieval or Rinascimental cities like Comacchio, Ravenna, Rimini
  • Birdwatching and hiking at the PO Delta Natural Park
  • Theme park with super fast roller coaster like Mirabilandia
  • ……………and more….

If you skip the party, during the night, you can simply enjoy the sea breeze eating a gelato after your Piadina dinner.

Ah…what’s Piadina by the way??

It s like thin homemade bread stuffed with any kind of food and wrapped around. Maybe similar to tacos or indian chapati….well.. actually it is not. Piadina it is Piadina. You just need to try it.
And remember that the Piadina in the city of Ravenna, its different from the city of Rimini/Riccione.

Everything is here but if you have any question or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me

Have fun!

Ciao Nico.

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