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Maccaferri Canada uses a Terrawall woven wire mesh to stabilize an earth wall

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Maccaferri Canada used information from Tetra Tech to design a mechanically stabilized earth wall using Terrawall woven wire mesh.

The Endako Mine is an open pit molybdenum mine located near Fraser Lake, 160km northwest of Prince George, British Columbia. The Endako Mine is a fully integrated facility that began operations in 1965. It includes a concentrator that process ore through crushing, grinding, and floatation circuits

During an expansion in 2008, an in-pit crusher was relocated, requiring the construction of a large retaining wall.

The proposed retaining wall had an irregular layout as it was necessary to use the retaining wall to create a dump pocket around the in-pit crusher. At the highest point, the wall had to be approximately 13m high, with a length of 92m. Ore trucks hauling to the crusher required that the wall be designed to support loads of up to 150kPa. The engineering consultant retained by Endako Mines to implement the expansion of the mine, Tetra Tech (formerly Wardrop Engineering), approached Maccaferri Canada Ltd. to discuss the feasibility of the proposed retaining wall.

Using information provided by Tetra Tech, Maccaferri technical staff designed the mechanically stabilized earth wall using Terrawall woven wire mesh facing units and high strength MacGrid WG geosynthetic reinforcement.

GeoNorth Engineering Ltd. was retained by Maccaferri to conduct the final review of the design and to provide periodic inspection services of the engineered backfill.

The height of the structure and the loading imposed by the ore trucks necessitated the use of high strength geosynthetic reinforcement. Using 65cm high Terrawall units, MacGrid WG30 (Tult=300kN/m) was selected as a suitable reinforcement. The length of reinforcement was up to 15m long in some locations within the structure. Once completed, the MSE wall had a frontal face area of approximately 1,280m2.

Terrawall is a structure made of the double twisted hexagonal woven heavily galvanized, and PVC coated wire mesh that is used for soil retaining applications. The Terrawall TM units are supplied already cut to the specified measurements without requiring cutting on site. They can be used as soil retaining structures or as facing units used in conjunction with high strength polyester geogrids such as MacGrid WG, ParaGrid or ParaLink.

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