Basal reinforcement

Soft soil solutions

Embankments constructed on cohesive or alluvial soils may be subject to settlement due to the compressible nature of the foundation soil.

A number of our solutions exist to reduce the effects of settlement;
MacDrain® vertical wick drains to accelerate the consolidation of the soil
MacTex® H geotextiles to separate poor strata from better quality embankment construction materials
MacTex® W1 and W2 woven geotextiles to reinforce and separate the foundation materials
MacGrid® WG geogrids
Paralink® high strength-low strain geogrids to reinforce the embankment foundations

A combination of these solutions is often required to meet the service life and serviceability settlement requirements of the project.

Maccaferri experience and expert knowledge

Note that as all geogrids and geotextiles (regardless of manufacturer and polymer used) need to strain (extend) prior to providing functional reinforcement. It is therefore necessary to be sure that the serviceability strain limits of the embankment are compatible with the expected long-term strain of the geogrid.

As geogrid manufacturers and project designers with specific geotechnical skills, we have a thorough knowledge of the product performance over time. Our engineers, with the use of our MacBARS design software, are able to provide an invaluable contribution towards the solving of these types of problems.


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