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Maccaferri’s Rock Mesh used in a rockfall protection project

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Rock Mesh system was successfully used for rockfall mitigation in Port Moody, at the Burrard Thermal Substation run by British Columbia Hydro

At the Burrard Thermal Substation, located in Port Moody B.C. and run by the energy provider British Columbia Hydro, one of the access roads to the plant was exposed to a rock slope that had exhibited some instability over time, with rock pieces unsafely falling onto the road.

A first possible solution to protect the area, based on the deployment of a simple Double Twist mesh, was deemed unsuitable due to the size of the rock, which could potentially be dislodged from the slope. Consequently, the geotechnical engineer in charge of the project assessed that the cable enhanced version of that same mesh could offer more resistance to larger pieces breaking off. To this end, it was then taken in consideration and successfully deployed Maccaferri’s Rock Mesh system, which consists of PVC-coated double twist steel wire mesh with a steel cable of 8mm inserted within the mesh, during the weaving process. Rock Mesh was thus installed with all adjacent panel sections connected together, using lacing cables 8mm and secured at the end. As reported in a related case history available at our site, the system required no overlap for the panel to panel connection.

To learn more about the multidisciplinary experience and scope of Maccaferri Canada, certifies specialists in the developments of low environmental impact solutions for rockfall protection, please contact us by visiting our website.

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