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Maccaferri Canada’s new technical paper on Umbrella Structures for avalanche protection

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Presented at the 2016 Highway Geology Symposium, the Paper adapts the Swiss Guidelines to the Western North America snow conditions

At the 67th Annual Highway Geology Symposium (HGS), which took place from July 11th to July 14th in Colorado Springs, Colorado, three Maccaferri experts presented a new technical paper about Umbrella Systems, a solution focusing avalanche protection whose deployment has sharply increased over the last 10 years in Europe.

Apart from snow fences, snow bridges, snow rakes and snow nets, widely used in the Alps, to protect ski resorts, villages and infrastructure from avalanches Umbrella Systems represent another effective, and innovative, solution as they ground on the same design assumptions as the most traditional structures.

Umbrella Systems are made with an interception panel attached to a tubular strut: in this way the structure looks like an umbrella, hence their name. All the structures are connected to the ground by a single anchor and for this reason they are particularly suitable for intervention on very steep and potentially dangerous slopes. Also, their rapid installation makes them an appropriate solution when the construction period is very short such as in the mountain environment.

Most importantly, in the Paper disclosed at the 2016 HSG by Luca Gobbin, from Maccaferri Canada, Ghislain Brunet, from Maccaferri US, and Giorgio Giacchetti from Italy’s head office, it is described the new design criteria to be adopted as to comply with the more severe snow conditions of the Western North American Mountains, in accordance to the technical Swiss Guideline issued in 2007.

Titled “Umbrella Structures for avalanches protection as per Western North America snow condition designed according to the Swiss Guidelines”, the Paper will be as soon as possible downloadable from our website.

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