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A Goldex Mine needed basal reinforcement works back in 2006/2007. Works were carried out to make the best use of Maccaferri ParaLink and MacTex products to aid reinforcement and reduce installation time

In an important Goldex Mine facility, our geogrid Paralink and geotextile MacTex were needed. The installation time was shorter than estimated and business continuity was maintained.

When, back in 2006/2007, a deposit of soft clay was discovered beneath a Goldex Mine facility, it was clear that such a weak terrain could not bear significant loads. Geotechnical engineers realized that a basal reinforcement solution was needed: a multi-layer geogrid system was explored, which featured 6 layers of a punched and extruded polymeric geogrid.

The number of required layers was based upon the low strength of the polymer. Each layer needed to be separated by a layer of compacted gravelly sand fill. Further soil reinforcement was provided in the form of Maccaferri’s high performance polyester geogrid, ParaLink.

Due to the physical performance of the grid, it was determined that two layers of ParaLink 600, laid perpendicular to each other, would provide the reinforcement required. No engineered fill was required between the layers. The ParaLink option resulted in a 60% reduction in the quantity of reinforcement required for the platform, but also led to a significant increase in the installation speed, reducing the overall cost: work was completed in just 11 days!

A total of 13,500m2 of ParaLink 600 was supplied, together with 11,000 m2 of a non-woven MacTex geotextile, which was used as a separator to prevent contamination of the high quality gravelly sand fill from the foundation clay. The solution was deployed safely, easily and quickly which led to cost savings, important in all construction and especially so in the mining industry.

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