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Our Geogrid Wrap Around Used at the Highway 11 and Victor Road Interchange

basal reinforcement

A geocell was added to the facing of our reinforced soil slope for erosion control and successfully promoted the growth of vegetation

When the construction of an overpass across Highway 11 in Saskatoon was decided, the need for an erosion control solution arose to stabilize an unstable slope. Our combined solution for this project included a geogrid reinforced slope with geocell for erosion control, resulting in a successfully vegetated slope.

Dream Asset Management and the City of Saskatoon decided to build an overpass across Highway 11 to meet the increasing traffic demands of the Stonebridge community.

A geotechnical investigation was done by AECOM Canada, and an erosion control solution was needed due to poor soil conditions and an unstable 45-degree slope.

Our proposal for this project was a combined solution, including:

  • basal reinforcement was done using MacGrid WG geogrid to reduce loads applied to the soft foundation soils
  • our wrap around, a geogrid reinforced slope
  • a geocell, which was placed over the face of the slope for erosion protection.

Our wrap Around reinforced slope has a maximum height of 9 meters and has been constructed with two types of geogrids: our MacGrid® WG geogrids were used for soil reinforcement and MacGrid® EG geogrids for the facing wrap.

MacGrid® WG series geogrids are used predominately in Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS) structures. MacGrid® WG geogrids are made from high molecular weight, high tenacity polyester multifilament yarns. The yarns are woven under tension in the machine direction and finished with a polymeric coating. MacGrid® is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, and resistant to biological degradation.

MacGrid® EG series geogrids are used in soft soil stabilization applications such as roads and foundations, and in soil reinforcement applications. MacGrid® EG are polypropylene geogrids, produced by an extrusion process characterized by a tensile resistance both in the longitudinal and in the transverse direction. They are inert to chemicals found in natural soils.

The basal reinforcement was designed based on height of slope using our MacRead Software. The face of the slope was covered with an 8” geocell for erosion control. Upon installation, the geocell was filled with top soil and vegetated. The project was completed in Spring 2016.

The picture shows the slope around one year after the work was completed and the benefits of our solutions are clear.

For more information, download our case history.

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