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Maccaferri launches the NEW Floods and Emergency Works brochure

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Maccaferri launches the NEW Floods and Emergency Works brochure

It is argued that global warming over the last century has affected the frequency and the scale of natural disasters. This climate change has impacted sea levels which have been rising about 3mm per year since 1993 and a total increase of 200mm in the global average sea level since 1870.

Today, floods, landslides, tsunamis and coastal erosion are becoming more frequent and with greater intensity. Furthermore, there is a close interaction between these different natural disasters so that they tend to occur together or one can trigger another, increasing the potential damage and loss.

Natural disasters not only affect people and communities but also economies, governments and the international systems on which we all rely. Any response to floods and emergencies must be rapid and effective in order to restore the natural status of the impacted region, to contain the damage and lives can be restarted.

For more information on the Maccaferri solutions for Floods and Emergency works, please download the brochure!

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