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Marianna and Guangjia share some reflections of their experience of the Development Program for young engineers

In 2013, Maccaferri started a Development Programme for young engineers. The programme started with 13 young, dynamic engineers recruited early in their careers and who are now being trained deeply within the headquarters in Italy. Training has covered the whole range of Maccaferri solutions from a technical, construction and commercial perspective. Following training, these young engineers will be sent out into the Maccaferri world into one of the many overseas subsidiaries to strengthen their careers, add value to the local Maccaferri companies and become the next generation of engineering leaders the company requires to maintain its growth plans.

This is their story so far….

Marianna Ferrara: Since the beginning of University, I have always dreamed of having the ability to work overseas, so when last year I read in a local newspaper the new project of Maccaferri to hire young engineers and send them abroad after a training period at the HQ, I decided to take up this challenge. The training is characterized by a mix of training lectures and practical work on real projects, has been well organized. Thus, I have had the opportunity to better understand the whole range of Maccaferri products and their applications. My aim in this first step of the training program is to learn as much as I can from the well-prepared people I work with, in order to be ready for my future work experience within a Maccaferri subsidiary overseas.
I hope to build a very successful career in this company and to improve my knowledge in the sector achieving my professional goals. Apart from this, my principal ambition is to be pleased with my work and life.

Guangija Liu: After graduating from a French Grande École in 2012, I had been eager to work in a European Industrial group for several years before returning to my homeland, in order to get valuable work-experience abroad and challenge myself in an international environment. Fortunately, I was offered the opportunity of this training program last year with Maccaferri, which perfectly matched my expectations.
However, the training was not easy for me in the beginning. I still remember the first day, when I was sitting with all the other new engineers, listening to the lectures from our tutors, I could barely understand even a whole sentence. I suddenly realized that the training could have been a huge challenge for me, not only due to the language problem but also to my technical background. So, I started to improve the situation by learning Italian for an hour every evening and doing careful revision after each training course. Thanks to the kind help from others, I was able to understand and talk in Italian two months later working as my Italian colleagues. The well-organized training program allowed me to get a deep knowledge of all the Maccaferri products and solutions, as well as design methods of geotechnical structures and case histories, from which I found my passion and tools for my future work in the group. I also extremely appreciated that my tutors have appointed me to some projects related to materials engineering, such as polymer coatings of DT products, so that I could make full use of my own technical ability.
I will work within the Maccaferri China subsidiary in a year time, a young, fast growing-up company full of passion. At the present, the enormous market potential in China in sectors such as tunneling and debris flow protection is waiting to be expanded. Thanks to my two years’ experience in Italy, I am sure I will be ready to take this new challenge and contribute to the future of Maccaferri and my country

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