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Discover how Maccaferri Terrawall System was used in the City of Ottawa

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Maccaferri’s products and expertise solved a culvert headwalls issue on Sarsfield Road

After a culvert was being set in place on Sarsfield Road in the City of Ottawa, the contractor in charge of the project, Dalcon Enterprises, had to stop the road works after realizing that their design could not satisfy the necessary criteria.

The culvert and the road above it were to be upgraded to current roadway standards. This meant a widening of the roadway platform and using materials that satisfied a 75-year design life.

Due to fact that the site was underlain by very sensitive soft Leda Clays and the City required that all the upgrades remained within the existing municipal Right-of-Way, the original culvert upgrade project designed by Dalcon Enterprises, which entailed the construction of a welded wire wall, could not be built.

Therefore, the City’s Design Consultant, Dillon Consulting, decided to contact Maccaferri in order to solve this challenging issue.
Working with Dillon Consulting and Houle Chevrier Engineering, Maccaferri determined that in order to avoid overloading the foundation soil and to widen the roadway platform, a steep, reinforced slope would be required. In order to satisfy the 75-year design life, a Maccaferri Terrawall System was proposed.

The Terrawall System consists of factory assembled units of PVC coated, galvanized double twisted woven wire mesh that use a single unit as both the facing and soil reinforcement elements. The combination of PVC coating and galvanized wire has been demonstrated to satisfy a 75-year design life requirement.

Maccaferri provided on site assistance in order to train the Contractor’s crew in the correct installation procedures. Once the culvert was in place, it took less than one week to construct and backfill both reinforced slopes.
With the installation of the Terrawall System, Dalcon was able to open Sarsfield Road in time to satisfy their contractual obligations, despite having lost many working days due to the actions of the culvert supplier.

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