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Discover how Maccaferri Canada’s soil reinforcement expertise helped protecting a residential area in Mississauga

Soil Reinforcement

The Municipality opted for the best environmentally-friendly solution proposed by our engineers

Thanks to our engineering knowledge and expertise in erosion control and soil reinforcement, a soil erosion issue was fixed in a residential area of Mississauga, in southern Ontario.

The site, which required a protection structure through the deployment of a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall, is located in an area belonging to the Etobicoke Creek watershed. As is common knowledge, watersheds are the collectors, filters, conveyers and storage compartment of fresh water supply. In detail, the Etobicoke Creek consists of a drainage area of approximately 211 square kilometers, while encompassing parts of Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.

In order to find the best environmentally-friendly solution to the required work, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and City of Mississauga asked our engineers to design a fully “green” project.

As related by our expert Pietro Rimoldi at a recent conference, Maccaferri Canada proposed the use of our Green Terramesh, as well as the development of a geogrid wrap around system, as the best solution for such soil reinforcement work. Thus, Green Terramesh was used on the bottom of the structure and MacGrid wrap-around system on the top portion.

This proposal was deemed as offering the optimal balance of value and function, meeting the municipality’s objectives, including the vegetating slope face. A sloped Green Terramesh (about 60° from horizontal) and MacMat wrap-around with MacGrid (45° from horizontal) contained the top soil and provided the capability for the slope to revegetate. The maximum height of the wall was 12m and about 62m long for the Geogrid Slope and 48m long for the Green Terramesh and Geogrid slope.

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For further technical information, please download our Case History.

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