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Alberta Transportation Chose our Durable and Reliable Solution To Protect Against Rockfall


Our Terrawall System® provides a 80m long rockfall embankment to protect Highway 3 at Crowsnest Pass

A major rockfall hazard occurred along the Highway 3 at Crowsnest Pass, Alberta in 2013. The Ministry of Transportation wanted a permanent rockfall solution for this site at Sentury Mountain and chose our Terrawall System® for an 80m long embankment.

Crowsnest Lake, in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass in Southwestern Alberta, is subject to rockfall hazards and has been a part of the Southern Region Geohazard Assessment Program since 1999. A major event occurred at Sentury Mountain along Highway 3 in June of 2013, when water running over a rock cut dislodged rock on site.

The Government of Alberta, Ministry of Transportation (Alberta Transportation) wanted to have a permanent solution and approached Maccaferri to discuss the feasibility of designing a rockfall embankment for this site. Simulations and rolling rock tests conducted by the Ministry of Alberta resulted in a series of design parameters: the structure must be 5.32m in height, have a maximum base width of 6.87m, and be able to withstand a maximum rockfall impact energy of 2,300kJ.

Our Terrawall System®, a reinforced soil system suitable for near-vertical retaining wall applications, was selected for this project.

Similar to Terramesh®, Maccaferri Terrawall® system is a unit made of continuous double twist steel wire mesh that forms the reinforcing panel and the facing element. The assembly requires minimal work as the major components are pre-assembled in the factory. The double twist mesh soil reinforcement takes advantage of the friction acting along the surface of the wire and, more importantly, the mechanical interlocking properties of the mesh with the backfill.

The length of embankment was set at 80 m. We supplied 600 m² of Terrawall® System with all accessories. Construction started in June 2016 and was completed in August 2016.

For more information on this project, please download our Case History.

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