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Maccaferri’s Summer 2016 full of key events in the geotechnical sector


Maccaferri participated in important Latin American events focused on soil stabilization techniques. Our engineers presented Maccaferri’s best solutions.

Santander Industrial University – 25 Engineering week

A XXV Civil Engineering Week was promoted by the Santander Industrial University between 21 and 24 June in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

It brought together speakers from Colombia and other countries, who addressed matters such as roadway infrastructure, geotechnical development and hydraulic engineering.
Maccaferri had two presentations included on the speaking schedule. Held by Sergio Arturo Rincón Barajas and Luciano Spiandorin, the speeches offered detailed presentation, respectively, about Maccaferri’s Terramesh System and Gabions/Reno Mattresses in waterworks.

National Geotechnical Conference & CLBG

The 15th CNG (National Geotechnical Conference) and the 8th CLBG (Portuguese/Brazilian Geotechnical) brought together the Brazilian and Portuguese geotechnical communities in the city of Porto, Portugal, in July 19-23. Under the general theme “Geotechnical matters and societal challenge”, the participants exchanged knowledge and experience related to improvement and reinforcement of massifs, foundations – including foundations for sea structures (Nearshore and Offshore), embankments and slopes at risk, large excavations and tunnels.

In the conference schedule, Maccaferri was present at two technical sessions, both addressing Mac.RO solutions; Maccaferri’s rockfall mitigation and natural hazard solutions. The first was attended by Andrea Balbuzano Pelizoni and Anna Laura L. S. Nunes, with the theme “Analysis of debris flows in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”. The presentation showed participants projects and solutions such as MacRo used to mitigate risks caused by debris flows, with reference to the cases in Teresopolis and Nova Friburgo in 2011.

In the second session, the topic discussed was “Rocky Slope Stabilisation in South East London – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil” with Anna Laura L. S. NunesMarcelo G. RiosMonique L. Sobral and Andrea B. Pelizoni. The work showed how the massif at the edge of the Sudeste [Southeast] Port Tunnel in Itaguai, in Rio de Janeiro, was stabilized with the use of high-strength line macro screen.

Rock slopes & stabilization techniques @ Espirito Santo’s Federal University

Maccaferri and the Brazilian Committee for Rock Mechanics (CBMR) of the Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Brazilian Association (ABMS) promoted in Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo, the traveling course “Stabilisation System and Slopes Rocky Protection”. The activities were held in the auditorium of the Federal University of Espirito Santo (UFES), on August 30. The UFES professor and representative of CBMR, Patricio José Moreira Pires, led the opening of the course.

The engineer and founder of Geoconsult, Uberescilas Fernandes Polido, was chosen as local speaker. With several works on geotechnical subjects published in conferences and symposiums, Polido presented projects carried out by Geoconsult involving foundations, retaining walls, stability of slopes, embankments on soft soils, dams, bridges, viaducts, and port works, in addition to road, rail, industrial and special works such as cable lifts and wind fences.

The course content was provided by two instructors. The COPPE UFRJ professor and former president of the Rio de Janeiro ABMS Centre, Anna Laura Nunes, dealt with the an exploration of the instability of embankments, as well as the dimensioning of flexible and rigid barriers. The engineer of the Maccaferri Brazil, Matheus Garcia led presentations on stabilisation techniques for rock slopes and design of wire mesh.

The aim of the joint initiative between the ABMS and Maccaferri is to disseminate information on issues related to rock mechanics, from the company’s experience in the market, bringing the industry and young CBMR professionals loser together.

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