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Maccaferri Latin America holds a retaining walls lecture at a seminar on Modern Road Techniques

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The engineer Paulo Cesar Belesso Ferretti spoke about the theme of “Innovations for Retaining Systems in Cut-and-Fill Works”

The 9th Annual National Seminar on Modern Road Techniques offered a busy schedule of activities to bring together more than 4,000 participants in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. The issue at hand was advances in road engineering and presentation of the most modern techniques and products in the road sector.

Sponsored by the Santa Catarina Association of Engineers (ACE), the 9th National Annual National Seminar on Modern Road Techniques brought together a wide range of participants including managers, directors of public agencies and private companies, from heads of respected entities to university professors and students. The event was also an opportunity for product and equipment manufacturers, engineering consulting and construction companies, and road system managers to present their solutions and share their experiences.

Maccaferri was among the speakers scheduled for the 9th National Annual National Seminar on Modern Road Techniques. The company’s marketing coordinator, the engineer Paulo Cesar Belesso Ferretti, gave a lecture on “Innovations for Retaining Systems in Cut-and-Fill Works” for a select audience of professionals involved with the road sector. During the lecture, he emphasised that the philosophy of Maccaferri is that a single system is not capable of solving all problems. In accordance with this philosophy, Ferretti explained that the company offers a variety of custom-designed solutions that can be selected according to the specific needs of each customer

Ferretti ended the lecture by speaking about the challenges presented by large works. He explained that with the use of high-strength geogrids, which better distribute tensions place on the soil, the Maccaferri solutions are capable of withstanding extreme loads, such as those experienced in large-scale mining works, where equipment can reach up weights of up to three hundred tonnes, or tall retaining walls often found in infrastructure.

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