Rocksil is an accelerating and hardening admixture for shotcreting works. It is based on a soldium silicate-in-water solution..


Apral is an accelerating admixture for shotcreting works without affecting the final mechanical strength. It is an alkali-free product based upon an aluminium oxide-in-water solution.


E-FLU_100 is an extremely high capacity, polycarboxylic, hyper-plasticizing admixture, specifically designed to maintain workability even in hot climates and accelerate the concrete short-term setting strength.

E-FLU_100 is particularly suitable for the production of high strength ready-mixed concretes, with the addition, if required, of silica fume, fly ash, blast furnace slag and for concrete structures with a very low W/C ratio, resistant to attack by aggressive agents (chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxides).


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