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Geotextiles Bring Innovation to Infrastructure Works


Growth opportunities are highlighted by our Environmental Solutions Manager Fabricio Zambotto, coordinator of the Geosynthetics Technical Committee (CTG) of ABINT

Thanks to the continuous investments in R&D and the increasing levels of efficiency and competitiveness achieved, the woven and non-woven geotextile sector offers good growth potential. This evaluation is made by the Geosynthetics Technical Committee (CTG) of the Brazilian Association of Woven and Non-woven Technical Textile Industries (ABINT), which brings together manufacturers and distributors from all over Brazil, including Maccaferri.

The non-woven technical textile industry has invested more than US$ 70 million to acquire new technologies and upgrade equipment over the past five years. In addition, the woven technical textile segment invested more than US$ 47 million for the same purposes in the last two years. Around 38,000 jobs were created overall.

Driven by this growth, CTG is very active in the dissemination of knowledge on the correct applications of geosynthetic products and the concepts of quality to be observed by manufacturers and users. “We work in the training and updating of professionals who are looking for new engineering solutions, so that they are aware of the innovations in the sector and are able to apply them for the best possible results”, CTG coordinator and Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Manager, Fabricio Zambotto.

According to Zambotto, one of the most important actions of the committee is the dissemination and application of the ABNT ISO 10320 standard on the use of geotextiles and related products, published in May 2013. The Committee has developed a recommendation booklet, aiming to provide guidance on how these products should be selected based on their functions, properties and specifications, as well as purchased, stored and installed according to the existing standards and over 40 years of experience in Brazil.

Used in construction and geotechnical works, woven and non-woven geotextiles can be employed for various purposes such as protection, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, separation and waterproofing. According to the president of ABINT, Carlos Eduardo Benatto, the objective of the Association is to strengthen the geotextile productive chain. “We seek to promote the advantages offered by these products and their relevance in the development of important sectors of the economy, such as construction and infrastructure,” he concludes.

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