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Drainage geocomposite in Magazine Foundations & Geotechnical Works

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“Football pitch drainage at Morro dos Prazeres, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil” in Magazine Foundations & Geotechnical Works.

In issue n. 62 November 2015 Magazine Foundations and Geotechnical Works reported on Geosynthetics section, the article “Football pitch drainage at Morro dos Prazeres, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil” written by Camyla  Oliveira and Fernando Pereira, Maccaferri engineers.

The Rudders publisher, responsible for the magazine, began his career there six years ago becoming a publisher of magazines and books, focused on the sectors of civil engineering, geotechnical and foundations. Today, the magazine Foundations & Geotechnical Works is known throughout Brazil, and is one of the most important segment and maintain excellent relationship with Maccaferri.

Geosynthetics section in the initiative to talk about these important products was the CTG, Geosynthetics Technical Committee, made up of manufacturers of these products and associated ABINT, Brazilian Association of Nonwoven and Technical Textiles Industry. Within the group are national producers, using various polymers such as PP (polypropylene), PET (polyester), PE (polyethylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Maccaferri is corporate partner of ABINT and CTG and operates strongly with the committee and the association because it has the widest range of geosynthetics in Latin America.

The article describes the importance of the drainage system in sports páreas, which is one of the main responsible for the quality of the lawn, synthetic or conventional, in which the drainage Geocomposite plays a key role.

Maccaferri has the best solution for drainage, manufactured in Brazil, it is a technological revolution. This is a synthetic geocomposite draining the seepage water and soil seepage preventing impairment of structures, due to the presence thereof. It can be used in various types of works such as: buried buildings, lawns, sports fields, gardens, flower beds and flower beds. It can also be applied to works such as highways, railways, floors, patios, tunnels and landfills.

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