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Best Paper 2015 by TRB

Transportation Research Board

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. has long provided some of the most influential transportation engineering discussions.

This year the TRB Annual Meeting honored the paper “Instrumented MSE Wall Reinforced with Polyester Straps”  with its Best Paper 2015 Award.

It draws over 12,000 attendees from around the world. As well as discussions on sustainability, efficient transportation and technology, geosynthetics are always part of papers, standards discussions, research awards. Recently it announced that the TRB 2015 paper “Instrumented MSE Wall Reinforced with Polyester Straps” (Paper #15-0985) has been named Best Paper 2015 by the Soil Mechanics Section.

The paper, which was sponsored by TRB committee AFS10 Transportation Earthworks, was co-authored by Yushan Luo, Dov Leshchinsky, Pietro Rimoldi, Giulia Lugli, and Chao Xu. Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls are increasingly using polyester strap reinforcement with large concrete facing panels. The paper, using AASHTO methodology, shows how instrumentation has been used to establish extensibility in a reinforced wall system. The system is, in fact, part of a new interchange on Interstate 95 in Christiana, Delaware.

Maccaferri supplied its MacRes mechanically stabilised earth wall system to the Christiana project. The polyester strip reinforcement used within MacRes is Paraweb, manufactured by Maccaferri’s specialist geosynthetics company, Linear Composites. The Paraweb geocomposite strips are manufactured from polyester monofilaments encased in a tough polyethylene sheathing. Paraweb was first used in the late 1970’s in this application and was one of the first reinforced soil geocomposites in the market. Since then the system has been used extensively around the world, but until now, not in the USA.

Co-authors of the paper are Maccaferri’s Pietro Rimoldi (Geosynthetic Specialist of the Geosynthetics Business Unit for the Asian market) and Giulia Lugli (MacRes mechanically stabilised earth wall specialist in the Maccaferri USA subsidiary).

The paper is available on the TRB Website: Instrumented MSE Wall Reinforced with Polyester Straps 

Moreover, an Interview with Maccaferri’s Moreno Scotto (Maccaferri USA President and Corporate Manager of the Geosynthetics Business Unit of the Maccaferri Group) about the increasing use of polymeric strap reinforcement in MSE designs and explains the rationale behind the research can be read on the leading geosynthetic industry website.

The MacRes system with Paraweb geosynthetic strips joins Maccaferri’s extensive range of environmentally friendly reinforced soil systems including; contractor-friendly Green Terramesh®, geogrid wrapped face structures and the Terramesh® System, used on some of the world’s tallest MSE structures.

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