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Our Terramesh®System in the natural beauty of Mt. Batulao, Philippines


Our aesthetically pleasing MSE wall was installed to reduce slope failures at Sandari Batulao mountainous residential area in Nasugbu, Batangas

Sandari Batulao is an exclusive residential area being developed by Citystate Properties. Located in a mountainous part of Nasugbu, Batangas the site offers unparalleled views and cool mountain airs. However, the site poses significant challenges for the developer who seeks to optimize space and install roads at the edge of steep ravines and cuttings. In some areas, erosion and slope failure have destroyed or irreparably damaged roads on the site.

Citystate Properties contacted us to provide an engineered solution which would eliminate slope failures and reduce costly rebuilding of the site’s roads. Having considered reinforced concrete walls for two specific areas, Citystate opted for a wall system that would be less costly to construct, more aesthetically pleasing and able to be completed within a limited time frame irrespective of on-site weather conditions.

Citystate provided us with topographic maps of the ravine areas where the MSE walls were to be sited. A key design consideration was the need to carry the road atop the MSE wall. After preliminary designs and meetings, our proposed design was adopted by the developer who purchased materials. Their own contractors commenced work on the Terramesh® System MSE walls at the end of April 2017 and completed both structures in a short three-and-a-half month period. The overall wall height was 6m with lengths of 50 and 70 meters respectively. The Terramesh® System units chosen for this design had a total volume of 527 cubic meters, each 2m unit having a reinforcement length of 5 meters. 62 cubic meters of PVC coated Reno Mattress were used for scouring protection at the toe of the wall and a total of 390 linear meters of our MacDrain® W1061 and 2,400m2 of MacTex® MXL 35 were also used in the construction.

As a phased development, there are areas of the site which still need clearing and stabilizing. We are pleased to be working closely with the developer and will, in the months ahead, be ready to provide creative, stable and safe solutions to address site challenges.

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