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Prestige Sediment Basin Construction for MRT Serdang Depot earthworks in Selangor


Maccaferri Gabions chosen because their heavily galvanized steel wire with additional polymeric coating make them most suitable for aggressive polluted environments

We have supplied 1,600 gabions for earthwork construction to work with geotextiles trapping silt and stopping water contamination at a site at Serdang, Selangor. The project is expected to be completed in nine months’ time. Our gabions were chosen as the most suitable to work with the geotextiles because of the corrosion resistance of their polymer coatings. Together the gabions and geotextiles will function as a Sediment Basin for MRT Serdang Depot.

Serdang Depot is currently under construction on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. The depot will house central maintenance with train overhauling facilities for rolling stock on the Sungai Buloh to Serdang to Putrajaya Line.

Following thorough site investigations, the client has invited us to play a part in this prestige project by supplying our polymeric coated gabions to work with geotextiles as a trap for silt as well as a Sediment Basin for a total of five designated areas.

These areas consist of two to three meters in height and from three to 90 meters in length covering approximately 300 square meters of surface. A total of 1,600 pieces of gabions have already been installed along with several rolls of woven geotextiles, which have been laid on the gabion wall structure.

Our gabions are made of heavily galvanized steel wire with additional polymeric coating making them very suitable for aggressive marine or polluted environments and to protect against corrosion. The woven geotextiles work with the gabion structure to filter silt and unnecessary debris that may otherwise contaminate the water.

The main objective of the Serdang Depot Project is to filter the waste water generated from the MRT Depot to the main drainage system. It is an on-going project and as for the sediment pond it is part of the earthwork contract designed by the consultant. Our gabions were selected for their quality.

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