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Safer Roads Thanks to Soil Stabilization


Our MacTex® non-woven geotextiles are being used within the Jalan Datuk Kumbar road upgrade scheme, Kedah

Geotextiles have many applications: they can be used in soil stabilization, erosion control as well as in drainage. Our MacTex® non-woven geotextile was used for the upgrade works of the Jalan Datuk Kumbar road, in the Kedah State. The local authority used the geotextiles as part of the road-base improvement and to stabilize the soil. This will enhance road conditions and safety by reducing the potential effects of differential settlement of the soils beneath the highway.

Ground improvement is crucial before any form of construction takes place on soils with low bearing capacity to reduce differential settlement. Non-woven geotextiles are widely used in the foundations of paved and unpaved roads. Their high tenacity polypropylene fibres play an important role in the filtration and separation of the road base, where ground conditions are less than ideal.

The Jalan Datuk Kumbar state road and the ‘Titi Haji Idris Bridge’ in Kedah are important to the local residents. This is also the main route connecting Kampung Titi Haji Idris with Alor Setar, capital city of Kedah. The road is surrounded by paddy fields and soft soils, which cause differential settlement to occur. The ensuing unevenness of the road unfortunately has resulted in a significant increase of car accidents over the past years. Eventually, the Titi Haji Idris Bridge even collapsed due to heavy usage. This left the authority with no option but to construct a new bridge and to upgrade the existing road by widening and improving it.

Maccaferri assisted the local authority in the ground improvement process by supplying quality MacTex® non-woven geotextiles and providing proper installation guidelines. Considering the very low bearing capacity of the soil on the site, a layer of granitic rock with size 6’ x 9’ was laid as a granular base on top of the MacTex® geotextile. The geotextile plays a crucial role as a heavy-duty separator to withstand puncturing and tearing effects from the rocks. By separating the quality granular rocks from the soft soils beneath, the textile prevents the fine soil particles from contaminating and weakening the quality granular construction materials above. This enables the granular materials to maintain their load bearing performance.

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