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Rockfall Hazards can be mitigated successfully by our range of Debris Flow Barriers

Debris Flow Barriers

Maccaferri’s Debris Flow Barriers prove their use during monsoon seasons all over Asia as shown by a recent rockfall protection project in Thailand.

In 2010, the Department of Highways of the Chaiyaphum Bureau, Thailand had sanctioned a study to identify natural terrains that pose debris and landslide hazards to road users along the Chaiyaphum Highway 225. One of the critical sections defined as a high-risk area was a slope located between Km. 109.390 to Km. 110.210 that was due to expecting seasonal monsoons that hit Thailand every year.

Monsoon rains are known to cause incidences of debris flow and landslides that not only have the potential of interrupting the use of the highway but also pose an inherent risk to the safety of the road users, especially during the wet season. Traditional solutions for large scale debris flows are still gabion and Reno mattress hydraulic structures, tried and tested over many years, but for smaller flows in more challenging topography, Debris Flow barriers are a useful solution.

Posed with this challenge the Department of Highways of the Chaiyamphume Bureau was forced to come up with a fast and efficient solution given the fast approaching monsoon seasons. Various options were considered but due to the time constraints, many proved impossible. Ultimately, the bureau chose to install Maccaferri’s debris flow barriers as they can be easily installed and offer optimal security at great value for money.

The DF Barriers are customized to suit the dimensions of the project, the anticipated debris material and the expected volume of the flow. Upon impact by the flow, the DF Barrier progressively deforms with the compression brakes and systems absorbing the pressure of the debris flow. The hydrostatic pressure within the flow rapidly dissipates once the debris flow has been arrested, leaving the volume of waste within the barrier.

For this particular project, the Maccaferri Type 3 DF Series debris flow fence spanning over a length of 160m was installed. In 2011, the fears of the Thai Highway Authorities became a reality when a significant portion of cut slope collapsed and brought down with it a massive flow of mud and debris. Fortunately, the Maccaferri debris flow fence system successfully arrested the debris flow and prevented any debris from spilling onto the motorway which could have caused unfortunate consequences.

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