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Discover how erosion control and slope protection worked in Myanmar

Rockfall protection - AS

An erosion monitoring and slope protection solution, consisting of steel grid and Macmat R, for a landslide mitigation project at Tepm – Myanmar

Gas from Yadana field in Myanmar is piped from the field to Ratchaburi and Wang Noi power plants in the Bangkok via the Bai I Tong Metering Station at a hill side of Myanmar – Thailand border. The station which measures the amount of gas delivered to Thailand is located closely to a deep ravine which was experiencing severe surface erosion that could destabilize the entire slope.

Maccaferri’s technical team was consulted to propose a solution considering the following constraints: Limited project duration (to be completed in 5 months before the start of monsoon season) with limited working hours, minimum workers allowed due to limited accommodation, very strict safety regulation and limited working space. Access is only available from the crest of the slope.

In addition to the overall security of the slope, priority was also given to the surface soil erosion phenomenon and the hazard posed by the rock boulders. It is almost certain that the rock boulders will loosen from their foundations in the slope/hill and precipitate downwards due to the heavy erosion of the soil, rather than the classic fissure in rock face.

With these factors in mind, Maccaferri proposed a complete solution from their Mac.RO rockfall protection systems, featuring Steel Grid BO in conjunction with double twisted (“DT”) hexagonal steel wire mesh and MacMat.

Each component provides a function within the overall solution of surface strengthening and support: Steel Grid BO functions as the primary rockfall protection, as it restrains the rock boulders, preventing them detaching; Double Twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh provides additional protection within the rockfall system by prevents smaller rocks, stones or debris from falling down the slope; MacMat is an erosion control geomat, a layer of matting attached together with the rockfall protection system to hold topsoil and seeds. In doing so, MacMat enhances the regrowth of vegetation on the slope.

Deep seated instabilities in the slope were overcome with soil nailing and the mesh package provided the suface stabilitsation.

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