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Maccaferri’s MSE Wall Protects Galias Residence against Landslide


Our reinforced soil & drainage solution resisted tropical storms and torrential rains

Our Terramesh® System for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls was successfully used to prevent landslides in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines where heavy rain could have resulted in subsidence of a slope and threatened human lives.

A privately owned residence located in Cainta, Rizal is positioned atop a steep bank/escarpment and the owners were concerned that heavy rain or other factors may result in subsidence. An additional consideration was the presence of illegal settlers (squatters) at the bottom of the slope who would, in the event of a collapse, be in grave danger.

As a result, the owners opted to enlist the services of an engineer to help design and oversee the installation of a retaining wall which would prevent a landslip and protect the lot area.

The consultant engineer, having used our materials in the past, approached our technical team to request assistance in the design of a retaining wall. Before any work was embarked upon, our engineers made a site visit to inspect the location and determine the best materials to use. Familiarity with our Terramesh® System made this an ideal choice for the consultant. Our engineers, on return to the office and armed with soil tests and data, optimized a design using varying sizes of Terramesh® from 3 m to 6 m and 0.5 m and 1 m heights.

During a site visit, it was noted that some initial work had been done erecting a stone masonry wall but this had failed due to heavy rain and the absence of adequate drainage. Thus, drainage, being an important consideration, was designed into the structure using MacDrain® W1061 and drainage canals were constructed at the bottom of the wall to allow excess water to run off. MacTex® was used a separator behind the Terramesh® fascia.

Overall, over 140 polymer coated Terramesh® System units were used in the design to achieve a wall height of 6-8 meters and an overall length of 60 meters.

Construction started in January 2017 and the project was completed on target in May.

Since the wall was erected, the area has been hit by a number of tropical storms and torrential rains, none of which have had any deleterious effect on the structure.

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