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Terramesh System helps make way for new memorial lots at Manila Memorial Park


Our MSE wall satisfies structural and aesthetic requirements of memorial park project

When Manila Memorial Park (MMP) needed to increase land space to accommodate new memorial lots, it looked to the riverbank. Maccaferri designed and provided an aesthetic and functional MSE wall using the Terramesh soil reinforcement system, perfectly integrated into the park.

Manila Memorial Park (MMP) is located along Sucat Road in Parañaque and it is a pioneer in the memorial park industry in the Philippines. MMP’s first park opened in 1964. In addition to a crematorium, columbarium and cemetery, the memorial park offers a tranquil and serene site for many park visitors.

Increasing demand for memorial lots has resulted in MMP looking to increase available land area by developing its lagoon and creek-side properties. To achieve a more aesthetically pleasing riverbank area, it was determined that the river channel should be narrowed and steep-sided banks constructed. This would provide additional areas of land on top of the riverbank wall.

Our engineers made numerous site visits carefully examining topographical data and the results of soil tests. Ultimately, a decision was made to construct a 7.5-meter high, 165m long MSE wall using our Terramesh System. The Park developers opted for this solution because of the ease and speed of construction, as well as its cost effectiveness.

The installation contractors were provided with technical and installation support to ensure that the wall was correctly installed. Our MacTex nonwoven geotextile was used as a separator behind the facing units of the MSE Terramesh wall. Most importantly, much of the backfill was obtained from loose alluvial deposits from upstream river channels. As such, attention needed to be paid to compaction of these materials (to minimum 95% of MDD by Standard Proctor) to ensure stability.

Now that the project is nearing completion, MMP have been advised to encourage vegetation at the toe of the wall and the exposed slope above the retaining wall using ornamental bamboos and other plants as additional erosion protection.

The client has stated their satisfaction with the value engineering, technical support and quality materials, and said that this aesthetically pleasing structure integrates seamlessly into the park and contributes to their continued efforts to improve facilities and ambiance for visitors.

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