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Maccaferri Asia installs a MacTex (MFM III) Geotextile Grout Mattress solution

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Maccaferri Asia positively contributed to the success of the renovation of the Ambuklao Hydroelectric Plant by installing a MacTex (MFM III) Geotextile Grout Mattress solution

The Ambuklao Hydroelectric Plant is located in the mountains of Bokod, Benguet and is about 36 kilometers Northeast of Baguio City. The plant was designed to provide 75MW of energy to the Luzon Grid. When SNAboitiz Power—Benguet, Inc. took over the operation, they decided to initiate a major rehabilitation and upgrade of the facility. This includes the renovation of the Dam wall which suffered erosion since 1999 when the Power plant ceased to operate.

The main contractor and the consultant requested the assistance of Philippine Gabions Inc. Most importantly they inquired about the best and most suitable solution for the concrete filled geotextile. In coordination with Maccaferri Malaysia the solution chosen was the Maccaferri Former Mattress which is constructed with high strength woven geotextile. Its primary function is to provide protection against rainfall washouts, high speed scour and compensate the uneven settlement of the underlying soil.

MacTex MFM III is an erosion resistant which makes it the ideal and most-suited material for the concrete filled geotextile requirement. The project that began in December 2009 was successfully completed in March 2010. Most importantly, the project marks yet another successful installation. The products used—i.e. MacTex Geotextile Grout Mattress—covered over 6,000 sqm and continue to fully function today.

The MacTex geotextiles are planar woven structures manufactured weaving in the warp and weft directions high tenacity polyester yarns. These high strengths woven textiles can provide soil and ground stabilization functions. Made from polyester, the fibers do not creep as much as polypropylene, and can, therefore, be used for longer term applications. The solution has an array of advantages.

Ultimately the MacTex (MFM III) Geotextile Grout Mattress solution positively affected the project as it reduced cost, increased land availability for development and re-used on site materials (wherever possible). Also, the solution reduced construction land-use, and it eliminated the need to import environmentally expensive quarried materials.

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