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Learn more about our Geotextile Tubing solutions used in a Hector reclamation project in Manila Bay

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Geotextile tubing solutions provided by Maccaferri Asia help reduce cost and provide a stable solution for a continuing land reclamation project in Manila Bay, Philippines.

The Pasig River in Manila Bay was chosen to function as a location of reclamation of land for future housing development designed to lend a helping hand especially to poorer people living in the area. The foundation of the Bay consists of soft soil.

The height of the proposed embankment is to be 2 meters high, from the foundation level to the top of the dam. The structure must also withstand the wave attack from Manila Bay. The consultant of the project decided that a cost-reducing and stable structure must be installed given the vastness of the proposed perimeter of reclamation.

In light of these requirements, Maccaferri Asia set out to provide a solution that necessitates the installation of, among others, 1200 linear meters of MacTube MT15S, 16400m2 of MacTex WR and 950 Gabions.  Geotextile tubing was proposed for this project because they are commonly used for river bank/shoreline slope protection against erosion due the systems superior mechanical and physical characteristics that enable it to perform filtration and drainage functions.

The installation of MacTube is cheaper and easier compared to conventional methods seeing as existing soil from the site can be used to fill the tube.  The Also, MacTube product line is designed as a river training and breakwater structure because of its ability to absorb incoming high energy.

Also, Maccaferri’s MacTube is composed of high-strength woven polyester, or high strength weaved polypropylene geotextile with 100% UV stabilized yarn that has a high tolerance against installation damage and puncture damage. The product has several advantages when compared to conventional methods. Most importantly, geotextile tubing saves on construction costs seeing as it allows for the use of local materials such as sand instead of concrete. Also, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to build and be operated by non-specific equipment.

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