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Maccaferri Debris Flow Barrier 3000kJ installed next to highway

Debris Flow Barriers

The construction prevents debris from harming both civilians and infrastructure

Maccaferri’s Rockfall Debris Flow Barrier with a energy absorption capacity of 3000kJ was recently installed for the protection of the Simpang Pulai Road in Lojing, Gua Musang. The flexible barrier took Maccaferri three months to construct.

In 2008, an incident of rockfall and debris flow events with approximately 4000m3 of soil flowed down the hill to the highway sections 62-4 to 62-8 situated along the Simpang Pulai Road (Laluan FT185) in Lojing, Gua Musang. The height from the toe of the flow to the debris source was about 260m, with a slope gradient that ranged from 20 degrees to 35 degrees. In light of this situation, authorities turned to engineered debris flow barriers as ways to prevent debris from reaching the highway. These obstacles are to be installed along the anticipated flow path to restrain and retard the debris flow.

For this project, Maccaferri proposed flexible debris flow barriers to be constructed at three locations along the flow path. Finally a gabion embankment was built at the toe of the slope.

The barriers which consist of high strength yet flexible steel cable netting supported on posts are equipped with energy dissipaters designed to absorb the pressures created during the debris flow event. In general, the flexible barriers will allow hydraulic flows (or light slurry) to pass through the netting while catching the harmful larger mass objects. Nonetheless, it will also act as a check dam that reduces the velocity of the fast flowing mud slurry.

Debris flow that overtops the dynamic barriers are designed to be arrested by the gabion embankment at the slope toe and channelled to the drain. The length of the debris flow barrier at each location was about 30m across the flow path, with a maximum height of 5.5m. It took about three months to construct the flexible barriers at the three specified locations.

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