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Maccaferri’s catch fences provided a cost efficient and sustainable solution for a rockfall protection project in Hong Kong.


The Hong Kong government chose Maccaferri’s catch fences for a rockfall protection project at Ngau Chi Wan that required a re-vegetative solution.

Rockfall can be a very dangerous phenomenon. Roadways can be interrupted for several days when boulders or landslides detach from slopes, causing loss of viable connections that hurt local communities. Rockfalls can also damage infrastructure, industrial facilities and neighborhoods.

For this reason, preventing such disasters is important to reduce the risk to those near the hazard. Maccaferri has taken on this challenge and has invested heavily into devising an array of effective, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly rockfall mitigation products and systems.

In line with its aspiration to balance development with green environmental initiatives, the Hong Kong government embarked on the construction of Ngau Chi Wan recreation ground in Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon. This project was intended not only to provide a recreation area for the Ngau Chi Wan residents but also to promote eco-tourism in the area. The site proposed for this development was located at a hill-slope area that was susceptible to rockfall hazards. The Hong Kong government required a system that would both mitigate the rockfall hazard and blend with the greenery.

Also, the government was also concerned about the maintenance of the rock protection system over an extended period. Given this, the proposed system was chosen as it requires only minimal maintenance/repair when subjected to multiple bouts of rock fall.

During the period of analysis, Rockfall simulations revealed that the class of rock barriers required to mitigate the rockfall hazards were in the energy classes of 2000 kJ and 3000 kJ. In light of this constraint, the barriers CTR20/04/A and OM CTR30/04/A were selected from Maccaferri’s’ range of catch fences. It was envisaged that the selected catch fences would not only act like a rock barrier to protect against rock fall but will also promote the growth of vegetation such as creeper plants and shrubs.

This vegetation cover would provide the necessary amount of camouflage needed to blend the rockfall fence perfectly with the surrounding flora and fauna. In the event of damage caused by high levels of rockfall, the damaged parts can be individually replaced, and whole parts can be re-used. This flexibility that is offered by Maccaferri’s rock barrier system allows for easier and cheaper maintenance and eliminates the cost and inconvenience incurred by:

  • heavy maintenance
  • the need to for the total replacement of the rock barrier system.

Maccaferri’s rockfall barriers have been tested and certified in accordance with ETAG027. They are supplied in a kit form with all components ready for installation onto the slope.

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