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Asia’s 1st 5000 kJ Maccaferri RockFall Fence installed in Hong Kong’s Discovery Bay


The solution is designed to mitigate hillside and debris flow failure.

Maccaferri supplied a 5000 KJ Rockfall Fence on Lantau Island to protect Discovery Bay, a prestigious, high-end development project, from debris flows. The solution is the first of its kind in Asia.
Situated on Lantau Island, home to the famous Hong Kong Disneyland, Discovery Bay is a prestigious, high-end mixed development project.

The town plaza development includes a supermarket, specialty stores and other amenities located at the north of Discovery Bay, next to the Discovery Tunnel Link road. The development is bounded to the north via natural hillsides.

Based on the natural terrain assessment carried out by the consultant, a potential open hill slope rockfall debris flow failure was identified at the central mid-slope portion, and a possible channelized debris flow failure was defined at the point where an drainage channel meets the toe of the eastern part of the studied area.

In light of this situation, rockfall simulations revealed that the class of flexible fences required to mitigate the potential rockfall debris flow hazards are the energy classes of 2000 kJ (for the possible open hillside failure) and 5000 kJ (for the potential channelized debris flow failure).

Maccaferri was chosen to provide a 5000kJ flexible barrier with proven third-party full-scale testing, to address the potential debris flow failure encountered in Discovery Bay. As the fences would be situated beside Sam Pak Bay, the finishes used for the flexible barrier system had to be durable and withstand salt sprays.

Given these requirements, the finishes of some of the major components of the flexible fence were heavily galvanised with GalMac zinc-aluminum alloy. The GalMac coating gives the structure corrosion resistance capabilities that are 3-4 times higher than conventional zinc galvanization.

After rigorous screening and qualification regarding product performance and quality compliance, the Maccaferri 2000kJ and 5000kJ fences were approved and accepted by the Hong Kong Geotechnical Engineers Office (GEO) and the Building Department (BD). The project stands out as the first 5000 kJ flexible fence system of its kind installed in Asia.

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