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Maccaferri gabion barriers deployed along the Gomsiqe torrent near the city of Puke, Albania


The debris flow discharged from the Gomsiqe stream had to be continually removed. The best solution chosen: gabion barriers.

To protect the artificial lake Vau i Dejës and its important hydropower station nearby from debris flows, Maccaferri gabions were selected and successfully deployed. As part of the design, five gabion barriers were constructed at the side of the Gomsiqe stream

Particularly dangerous throughout the winter season and located near the city of Puka in Northern Albania, the Gomsiqe torrent flows through the mountains and discharges into the Drin River. This stream constantly threats the downstream Vau i Dejës Lake with its debris, in addition to artificially increasing the water level in the lake and the pressure on the Vau i Dejes Dam.

This phenomenon needed a solution as it was placing at risk one of the most important dams in Albania. The Vau i Dejës Power Station is a hydroelectric dam on the Drin River, developed back in 1973 and includes five turbines with an overall installed capacity of 260 MW. The overall infrastructure consists of three dams which gave birth to an artificial lake.

The rockfall debris flow discharged from the Gomsiqe stream had to be continually removed from the lake. This work was carried out by the maintenance team of the hydropower station using heavy and expensive machinery, with associated costs. Considering these parameters, the hydropower authority decided to find a definitive solution to prevent debris flowing into the lake and thus to cut maintenance expenses. They approached Maccaferri to develop a transverse structure solution to control the debris entering the lake.

In response, Maccaferri proposed the creation five gabion barriers, made from our 8×10 mesh type gabions, capable of decreasing the impact energy of the watercourse and also to capture debris against the barriers, which could then be removed by machinery until ready the next winter season.

Maccaferri Balkans collaborated closely with the two contractors, Gjikuria Shpk and A.I.A Shpk  in developing the five structures with a total of 10,000 square meters of gabions. The project is nearing completion at the end of October 2016.
The solution and service provided by Maccaferri Balkans was highly valued because it helped reduce costs while protecting the environment at the in the same time.

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