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Terramesh crusher wall in Indian mine

Terramesh crusher wall in Indian mine - Maccaferri Middle East

Serajuddin Mines wanted to build a central ore handling plant at its facility in Joda, Orissa, in India.

To facilitate the construction of the plant infrastructure, access works were required to accommodate a 22 m high loading bin at the site of the primary crusher.
The terrain at the design location was extremely challenging. A robust structure was necessary to create a safe platform for heavy duty unloading trucks which could withstand loaded vehicles in excess of 300 tonnes.

We were approached to provide a solution which would enable the client to meet production requirements, while keeping capital and operational costs to a minimum.

The Maccaferri Terramesh System was selected for its inherent flexibility even in tall walls. A 22 m high vertical wall was designed using MacStars W design software, which incorporated the following components:

• Terramesh System supplied to site with the correct geogrid “tail length” measurements which allowed for quick and easy installation by the contractor (Thriveni Earthmovers Pvt. Ltd).

• ParaLink® high performance geogrid

ParaLink® reinforcement was provided at 1 m centres throughout the structure. This complemented the modular soil reinforcement Terramesh units, which provide the wall fascia element with an integral geogrid used as secondary soil reinforcement.

Once completed, the 22 m high crusher wall had a surface area of 1771m².

The wall was founded on a 1 m thick foundation of compacted granular material.

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