In mainland China and Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay only, we offer Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) for use within industrial flooring, concrete slabs and precast concrete products.

Improving the performance of concrete. The use of fibres in the concrete provides new and improved mechanical properties. This is achieved by distributing the fibres in three dimensions throughout the concrete, providing performance precisely where it is needed.

A valuable resource for a range of purposes. Our Wirand® steel fibre reinforcement enhances the performance of concrete slabs and industrial floors in a multitude of uses: warehouses, container terminals, composite metal decks, airport slabs and runways, concrete roads and floors exposed to high thermal ranges to name a few.

Key strengths of our Wirand® fibres. Wirand® fibres within the concrete act once cracks initiate, bridging the cracks and controlling their width. The following fibre attributes are critical within structural reinforcement applications;
– High Young’s Modulus
– High tensile strength at low strain
– Negligible creep under load
– Effective anchorage mechanism within concrete matrix
– Dosage rate and fibres per unit weight
– Fibre length and diameter (Aspect Ratio)

Wirand® ’s advantages over traditional steel reinforcement. Compared to traditional steel reinforcement, Wirand® steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) can:
– Reduce weak points in the slab
– Increase panel sizes by eliminating saw-cuts (up to 2500m2)
– Reduce slab thickness
– Be quicker, safer and cheaper to install
– Replace traditional reinforcement
– Increase construction output

Meeting the demands of super flat floors. Superflat Floors: Wirand® SFRC slabs fully comply with the demands of high racking, narrow isle loads and critical surface level tolerances required in these situations.

Satisfying the requirements of composite decks. Composite Decks: Wirand® SFRC is also used in conjunction with profiled steel decking which acts as ‘permanent formwork’ to the composite deck.

Using our software we can optimise designs to save you money and time. We offer design services and product support for Wirand® SFRC slabs and floors, using PAVE. This software incorporates standard and latest methodologies including non-linear fracture mechanics, yield line theory and elastic theory. This enables us to optimise designs, saving clients’ money and time.

Maccaferri Wirand® fibres are manufactured in ISO9001 facilities.

DOSO Machines

The rate of delivery and dispersal of fibres within the concrete matrix. Our range of DOSO fibre dosing machines has been developed to accurately dispense the design amount of Wirand® steel or Fibromac™ polymer fibres into the concrete. Maccaferri DOSO machines can be stand-alone, or fully integrated into the concrete batching plant with the support of our production specialists




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