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RoadMesh® gives the Safawi-Iraqi Border Road a New Life


A 25-year service life prediction and considerable cost savings are possible thanks to our asphalt reinforcement solution

225,000 m² of our RoadMesh® for asphalt reinforcement are being installed within the road rehabilitation project of a 20 km stretch of the Safawi-Iraqi border road, Jordan. Our solution allowed to almost halve the asphalt overlay while extending the service life of the road and reducing maintenance. This not only offers the Ministry for Public Works and Housing (MPWH) a considerable cost reduction but also brings a real environmental value.

The road connecting the Jordanian town of Safawi with the Iraqi border crosses the Eastern part of Jordan. This is a flexible pavement two-lane roadway with asphalt paved shoulders of varying widths which, in addition to connecting the country with the Iraqi border, also serves the local traffic along its length. Constructed in the early 1990s, during the first two decades of its life this road has been used intensely, serving goods trucks between Jordan and Iraq and tanks transporting fuel from Iraq to Jordan. After then, the mutual traffic decreased significantly due to political implications. No maintenance or repair records are available for the last 30 years.

A 20 km long stretch with an extensively damaged asphalt layer needed rehabilitation. The MPWH commissioned a pavement evaluation study. The recommended solution comprised the partial removal of pavement layers for the top 14 cm and their replacement with new asphalt layers for a minimum thickness of 12 cm. Such a solution turned out to be not feasible because the rehabilitation works would have been too expensive and time consuming on such a long road stretch.

Working closely with the contractor Abu Shriekh Contracting Company (ASRC) and the consultant Associated Consulting Engineers International (ACE), we analysed the problem and proposed a much faster and more economical alternative solution, using RoadMesh®, our planar grid material used for the structural reinforcement of asphalt pavements which allowed to reduce the asphalt overlay thickness from 12 cm to 7 cm.

We used the OLCRACK design software, developed by the Nottingham University in the UK. OLCRACK is able to calculate the service life of reinforced overlays, with the prediction models of propagation of top down and bottom up cracks. The service life prediction for the Safawi-Iraqi border road pavement with our RoadMesh® solution is 25 years, without compromising performance and traffic load requirements.

By almost halving pavement material, extending the service life of the road and reducing maintenance, our solution not only offers the client considerable savings but it also has a reduced carbon footprint, thus bringing a real environmental value.

The installation has started in November 2017 and the project is currently ongoing. Upon completion, 225,000 m² of RoadMesh® will have been installed.

For more information, please download our case history.

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