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Find out how Rockfall protections guarantee safety across the Trans-Baikal Railway in Russia.


Maccaferri’s high strength drapery products were successfully utilized by the local railway administration in South Eastern Russia

In South Eastern Russia and north of Mongolia, the local railway administration faced the challenge of providing an effective protection against rockslides along the tracks of the Trans-Baikal Railway, which runs for around 3,300 kilometers from the Zabaykalsky Krai district and the Amur Oblast.

The rocks of the local massif consist of highly weathered metamorphic shales posing a real risk to the safety of the railway. Throughout the entire service life of the railroad, the operations department recurrently had to remove rocks and slope debris from the tracks, which impacted on the train schedule. Therefore, the solution had to be grounded on the removal of the rockfall hazard, thereby reducing the regular clean-up burden and help make the trains run on schedule.

To prevent rockslides, also alternative measures were considered, including those from Maccaferri’s range of rockfall mitigation systems. Eventually, the site data was entered into the MAC.RO rockfall protection design software, which revealed as the optimum solution to face this case our Steelgrid MO high strength drapery. This product consists of our reknown double twist woven steel wire mesh into which hith tensile steel cables are woven to form a single easy to deploy solution.

Where larger rocks were to be contained on the rock slope and in large fracture zones, anchors were installed. Steelgrid works in sympathy with the anchors transferring loads from the mesh into the anchors. This surface strengthening system is popula on unstable and rocky slopes. The project was successfully implemented and the solutions prevented rocks from sliding and falling onto the railway tracks.

Maccaferri’s Steelgrid is becoming increasingly popular as it is capable of guaranteeing cost-effective high strength rockfall protection to slopes.

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