MacDrain Arctic Blanket is a drainage system to prevent groundwater capillary rise and frost heave phenomenon.

In harsh weather conditions (especially in cold regions), the design of paved roads is challenging.

This is caused by the freezing and thawing of soil water: when water freezes underneath the road, its volume expands (by approximately 9%), producing a heaving of the road surface.

Once the ice lenses melt, the soil could present dips, bumps, potholes and cracks on its surface, causing a reduction of the road safety and an increase of maintenance costs.

MacDrain Arctic Blanket prevents this issue: placed in soil mixtures, showed a reduction of the soil deformation up to over 30 times in road base layer.


  • Material savings: reduction of the layer thickness by up to 80% of the traditional layer
  • Fast installation: easily unrolled without requiring special equipment or operation
  • Performance: tested to resist to compressive loads and high flow vehicle rate
  • Cost reduction: no maintenance and lower initial costs


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