Grid Composite System (GCS)

Our GCS (Grid Composite System) is designed specifically for use in marine applications to provide a reinforced filtration layer for improved foundation stability to marine installations. It is an integrally formed geogrid structure manufactured of a stress resistant polypropylene material, bonded or sewn to a nonwoven, needle punched geotextile. The GCS provides an improved foundation and filtration layer for a wide range of conventional construction.  It offers an extended service life and improved performance, which reduces long-term costs of maintenance, repair and replacement.


Our MacScour provides protection to the foundations of coastal structures and prevents scour under wave attack.   MacScour comprises a central ‘MacTube’ unit with additional smaller anchor tubes along the landward and seaward sides of the structure. Positioned longitudinally along the coastline, MacScour protects the seabed/foundation from overtopping waves and prevent undermining of the structure being protected.
The tubes and intermediate textile is composed of high-tenacity polypropylene (PP) yarns, which are woven into a structurally stable network to accommodate the high demands required for geotextile scour protection required in marine applications.
MacScour is inert to biological degradation and resistant to most naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

Polymeric Marine Mattress (PMM)

Our Polymeric Marine Mattresses (PMM) were developed to provide erosion control and scour resistance for submerged applications, such as foundations to breakwaters, groynes or other marine structures. PMMs are constructed from HDPE punched and extruded geogrids, fabricated into a mattress container. The PMM is filled with appropriate and durable stone fill and then lifted into position in the marine works, using suitable equipment. Benefits of using PMM (Polymeric Marine Mattresses) include:
– Durability and long-term tensile capacity
– Monolithic high mass and porosity
– Flexibility and hydraulic characteristics
– Energy dissipation characteristics


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