Biomac® blankets are used for surface erosion protection. Also known as Rolled Erosion Control Protection (RECPs) mats, they provide immediate protection to vulnerable slopes to the effects of erosion such as wind, rain and surface run off. Placed onto topsoiled and seeded slopes, Biomac® supports the establishment of vegetation. As the mat biodegrades over time, the protection function is maintained by the vegetation.
Biomac® blankets are also used as face protection in soil reinforcement works, secured within the geogrid fascia of the slope and preventing the washout of valuable topsoil.

The Biomac® family of products are made with a mixture of fully biodegradable fibers properly integrated during manufacturing. The fibre mat is reinforced with a fine polypropylene scrim netting securely stitched on both sides during manufacturing. Depending on the type of fibers used, Biomac® blankets are available as:
– Biomac® S: consisting of straw fibres
– Biomac® SC: consisting of a mixture of coir and straw fibres
– Biomac® C: consisting of coir fibres

Biomac® fibres can also be supplied pre-seeded with selected seeds properly mixed depending on the location.

Coir Logs

Coir Logs are often used within water courses to provide immediate erosion protection to vulnerable river channel banks that are suffering erosion and undermining. They are often used in situations where remedial works have been carried out and when vegetation has been lost on the river banks. Without protection and assistance to revegetate, the vulnerable exposed soil can easily wash away.

Coir Logs are installed at the water-line where they prevent the wave action from damaging river or lake banks and provide support for vegetation. They are designed to rapidly revegetate and can even be supplied pre-planted with established riparian species for instant bank vegetation. The plants quickly trap sediment and soils in suspension in the channel flow, quickly re-filling erosion pockets in the existing bank behind the line of coir log protection. Our Coir Logs consist of densely packed coir fibres contained within either a polymer mesh log or within a woven coir mesh to produce an entirely natural coir log. The coir log is designed to biodegrade over a period of years to leave a stabilised bank of plant biomass.


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