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Maccaferri Middle East at the Learned Event organized by ICE

As Gold Sponsor, Maccaferri Middle East will participate to an ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) Learned Event called “Black Belt Negotiation Skills”, due on January, 26-27th in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

To Maccaferri, one of its focal business goals that most matter is offering its own range of products for major projects directed at the prevention of natural disaster, in addition to those aimed at ensuring effective coastal protection and at deploying hydraulic works in different sectors. Among these, of special relevance to Maccaferri are those concerning the environmental protection, urban infrastructures or calamities, especially flooding.

In order to be efficiently prepared for running business talks, and in view of achieving Maccaferri’s business goals, a comprehensive understanding of the negotiation process is highly necessary, in addition to discovering the best practices that may lead to successful consultations and improved relations. This is the aim of the event Maccaferri will be participating at as Gold Sponsor.

As you all may know, the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) supports civil engineers and technicians by awarding professional qualifications as well as helping them to develop their careers. Nonetheless, the ICE activity ranges from offering support to students as regards civil engineering careers to being an important advisor to the governments about investments in infrastructures.

Maccaferri’s knowledge can help civil engineers and the other companies to learn more about negotiations relating to Maccaferri’s main areas of business:

  • buildings
  • energy
  • water
  • transport
  • coastal
  • professional practice

At the Black Belt Negotiation Skills (see the attached brochure), participants will learn that, above all, emotions – not logic – will lead to a successful conclusion of business agreements. Actually, they will discover the truth behind the decision making process of the brain, by analysing the latest neuroscience breakthroughs. On this subject, the main topic to be discussed will include:

  • finding out what really makes people buy
  • learning how to act with the “emotional” brain
  • spotting the seven most common negotiators’ tricks

The internationally acclaimed speaker, coach and sales and negotiation expert Tom Flatau will be speaking at the event. Lectures will take place during two days: the first in Abu Dhabi on January, 26th; the second one on January, 27th in Dubai.

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