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Maccaferri MacTex and MacGrid products provide the solution for asphalt pavement stabilization


Both products were used for a taxiway rehabilitation project in Madagascar

Maccaferri’s MacTex & MacGrid products were used to rehabilitate a taxiway and parking area on the island of Madagascar. Both products helped to rehabilitate sections of the Taxiway and Parking Areas.

MacGrid AR is used for the strengthening of asphalt pavements. It can reduce rutting and increase fatigue life and ultimately improve the design life of transportation infrastructure. These glass fibre geogrids are used to stabilize and strengthen the pavement, preventing reflective cracking.

Engineers are faced with the problem of maintaining and developing pavement infrastructure with limited financial resources. Traditional pavement design and construction practices require high-quality materials to meet construction standards. Due to these constraints, engineers are often forced to seek alternative designs to reduce the quantity of materials used yet maintain the desired design life by using innovative products and design procedures.

In 2008 at IVATO Airport in Madagascar, Maccaferri Southern Africa was approached to recommend a cost-effective solution to rehabilitate sections of the taxiway and parking areas, without compromising the structural requirements. The original design for the pavement structure required an overall construction thickness of 1200 mm consisting of 100 mm hot mix of asphalt wearing course, a 350mm base course of untreated crushed rock gravel (GCNT 0/40) and a 750 mm thick sub-base consisting of a mixture of the sands and gravels.

Maccaferri used specific geogrids and geotextiles within the pavement structure to perform two functions: reinforcement and separation. The solution reduced the thickness of the pavement and offered a 17% cost saving.

The application of woven geotextile MacTex W1 4S (40/40 kN/m) resulted in a 22% reduction in the required thickness of the unbound base and sub-base layers. The asphalt wearing course was also reinforced using MacGrid AR 10.7; a geogrid made of glass fibre with very high mechanical properties, a tensile strength of 100x100kN/m and elongation at rupture of less than 4%.

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