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Maccaferri’s retaining wall used for a luxury residence in Oman


The 2m to 10m high “ParaMesh” wall system chosen also for its aesthetic appeal

A retaining wall was necessary for the construction of a private residential villa in Muscat, Oman, and the owner wanted an alternative solution to a conventional reinforced concrete retaining wall, combining functionality with an aesthetic and environmental friendly appearance. Maccaferri’s Terramesh and ParaLink wall system (“ParaMesh”) was chosen for this project, located at the prestigious Shati Al Qurum area.

The project site for a private residential villa at Shati Al Qurum, opposite the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman, was on sloped terrain with an elevation difference of 10-12m from the entrance gate level.

The construction of a retaining wall to construct a level terraced area was inevitable. However, the owner of the project wanted an alternative solution to the conventional reinforced concrete retaining wall, requiring a more aesthetically appealing and environmental friendly as well as cost-effective solution.

Maccaferri was approached by the consulting engineer Intec-Tusker and invited to submit an alternative retaining wall solution meeting the requirements of the project owner.

Maccaferri’s design engineers proposed the adoption of “ParaMesh” structure, a composite soil reinforcement system combining Terramesh and ParaLink:

  • The Terramesh System is a double twisted hexagonal steel wire mesh unit which forms the facia, with the aesthetics of gabion and with the cost effectiveness of soil reinforcement
  • ParaLink is a high strength polyester geogrid used as the primary soil reinforcement

The height of the reinforced soil retaining wall varied from 2m to 10m to obtain the proposed formation level. Numerous wall heights were analysed by our design engineers using MacStars-W Software.

For more information on this project, download our Case History.

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