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Maccaferri Middle East won the GeoME Awards 2015

Maccaferri Middle East won the GeoME Awards 2015 - Maccaferri Middle East

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Maccaferri Middle East won the 1st annual GeoME Awards 2015 for the category “Best Geosynthetics Project”.

The title of winner project is “The 32m high ParaMesh Retaining wall in Al Jais Mountain Road Project, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE”.

To cover the road length of 36km, which is rising up to a height of 1700m (5577 feet), many sections run alternatively due to mountainous morphology.

Retaining wall construction was done adopting the ParaMesh soil reinforcement system technology by combining Terramesh System (as facia & secondary reinforcement) and high strength geogrids as primary soil reinforcement.

In addition to the economic benefits, the Maccaferri proposal of use of ParaMesh retaining wall for this project against traditional embankment construction or other types of retaining walls offered many advantages like environmental friendliness, aesthetics, reduced carbon foot print emission etc.

Thanks to the Maccaferri innovation of ParaMesh system that allows the use of rock blasted material up to 20cm size to be used as backfill material due to increased vertical spacing between the ParaLink layers and high quality polyethylene coating.

In a unique mountainous region with a road project with the major objective of tourism development, it is of paramount importance that the structures are environmental friendly and blends with the environment with less impact.

It is also important to mention the seismic resilience of the ParaMesh system in case of a catastrophic seismic event that is possible being the project location close to Iran, the epicentre of many recent earth quakes of the region.

Click here to see the winner project video.

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