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Maccaferri’s high strength ParaLink geogrids deployed in a soil stabilization project in Dubai


Maccaferri’s geogrid products were used at an Emirates Aluminium storage building

At a Spent Potlining (SPL) storage plant owned by the company Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), Maccaferri was invited to give an alternative solution of ground improvement. Upon review of the available geotechnical reports, an analytical ground profile was created by our geotechnical engineers, while various options of ground stabilization were checked by our technical team.

The warehouse building, of the size 175m x 45m, is a combined RCC-Steel structure aimed at storing the SPL materials. The foundation soil had bearing capacity and settlement issues due to the presence of a 2m thick loose soil deposits. For this reason, the soil consultant recommended ground improvement with stone columns for the entire footprint area of the facility.

However, the recommended solution was not feasible for the main contractor, due to financial and construction time reasons. In the tender, indeed, the main contractor budgeted with ‘slab on grade’ and the periphery footings on piles. The deployment of stone columns for the floor location was not deemed in line with the budget and construction time, which should not exceed 8 months in total.

Maccaferri proposed stablising the gound using the low strain, high strength geogrids, ParaLink.

Ground stabilization by high strength geogrids is a simple, economical and quick method of ground stabilization and is designed in compliance with the BCR (Bearing Capacity Ratio) Method for the use of geosynthetics in ground improvement below rectangular loaded areas.

Paralink is a uniaxial geogrid engineered from high tenacity polyester fibres, encased within a tough polyethylene sheath. It is one of the most tried and tested geogrids in the market. The ground improvement scheme included two layers of uniaxial Paralink 300 high strength geogrid perpendicular to each other at a depth of 0.6m below the bottom of the ‘slab on grade’.

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