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Maccaferri’s ACBM protects the first submarine power cable link across the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey


Another successful international underwater pipeline protection project using our Articulated Concrete Block Mattress

Due to our worldwide experience, we are an ideal technological partner for consultants and contractors who need engineering solutions in underwater pipeline protection. The Dardanelles high voltage submarine cable link in Turkey is an example of our capability in this field. 230 ACBM units were installed in two campaigns to protect the existing underwater pipeline and the new electric power cable connecting Europe and Asia across the Dardanelles Strait.

In 2014, Prysmian Group, a world leader in the energy and telecommunications cabling systems industry, was awarded a €67M contract by the Turkish electricity transmission utility TEIAS for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the first high voltage submarine power cable link to connect Europe and Asia across the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey.

The new link comprises a double-AC 4km long power transmission circuit with a rating of 1000 MW for each circuit between the substations of Lapseki (on the Asian side) and Sütlüce (on the European side) across the Dardanelles strait. The 380 kV XLPE insulated cables were manufactured in Prysmian’s submarine production units based in Europe. Installation was carried out by the Group’s cableship, Giulio Verne.

Before installing the new cables over existing pipelines, our ACBM concrete mattresses, with high flexibility in both longitudinal and transverse directions were installed for protection over the crossing-points.

The design of the mattresses takes into account the interaction forces exerted by the mattress on the pipelines, water depths, hydraulic conditions, geomorphological and environmental conditions. Our ACBM mattresses are suitable for the entire life of the pipeline (up to 30 years), and there will not be any significant deterioration or loss of their original properties.

The ACBM concrete mattresses ensure pipeline protection against impacts up to 20kJ involving a 500mm impacting object and up to 5kJ involving a 100mm impacting object. Our ACBM units have Bureau Veritas certification to verify their impact resistance.

Installation of the units took place in two stages; one for pre-laying mattresses to be installed at crossing points and one for protection mattresses by the vessel Giulio Verne.

For this project, we supplied 230 ACBM mattresses of dimensions 5.26×2.26×0.30 m.

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