Vertical Walls with Concrete Facing Panels

When it is necessary to construct reinforced soil structures with a vertical face, perhaps for projects in urban areas, or when there is not enough space to create a reinforced slope, Maccaferri MacRES® can provide the answer.

These structures are regularly used to support or enable the construction of infrastructure in tight urban corridors, forming retaining walls, abutments and wing walls. MacRES® is also used to construct crusher and hopper walls in mines, supporting massive loads.

MacRES® is a reinforced soil system featuring a concrete panel fascia with soil reinforcement provided by polymeric or galvanised steel straps. These soil reinforcements are placed horizontally within the compacted backfill during construction, reinforcing it.

Maccaferri’s polymeric straps, ParawebTM, can be supplied with an ‘all-polymer’ connection to the concrete fascia panel. This corrosion-free connection is ideal for use in aggressive conditions, for example, where highway de-icing salts are used, or a recycled aggregate backfill is used.

Used worldwide, the MacRES® vertical faced concrete panel system can have a wide range of face finishes to suit aesthetic requirements.

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